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 Subject :Denton Area BBHN Net.. 2014-12-22- 07:40:41 
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Greetings!  I'm Jerry A. Goodson from Atlanta, Texas.  I was in Little Elm yesterday when I heard the announcement on the 145.170 for the BBHN net on the 146.920 at 1400.  I delayed coming home earlier to check in on the net, but I first wanted to know what the heck BBHN meant.  Now, I know!

I am EXTREMELY thrilled this has become an Amateur project, and I'm wanting to participate.  I've already thrown out some local buzz about in on my home repeater once I got home.

I'm hoping to have an IRC server up on my radio, as well as a Wiki.

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 Subject :Re:Denton Area BBHN Net.. 2015-08-26- 00:07:25 
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Is there still a net for bbhn on 146.92? What time and day? I used to listen to one on Wednesday night but don't hear it anymore. I have a node way down south here by Arlington airport and am trying to drum up some local interest (see my qrz page), could use an elmer.
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